A Final Message from ‘BUYMML3PV’!

August 11, 2011

The purpose of this site and its flash games was to get people excited for Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version. Since the game has been cancelled however, there is no need for any future updates.

I am not closing down the site, though. Its pages will remain as they were, with just a notice at the top explaining how the game has been cancelled. I hope people still continue to enjoy the little games I made, and hopefully I will have something new in store for the future. I will also continue to blog daily about Mega Man, including Legends, at Mega Man for Smash Bros. .

Furthermore, while this site will no longer update, I highly encourage supporting Mega Man Legends 3’s revival. Part of the reason why I am ‘shutting down’ here is to try and focus any and all fan efforts into one, huge, fan-effort-laser-thing. So, I’m going to provide some links below of places you (and I) should be checking out and participating in:

Legends3.com – Collecting all fan efforts into one home base.

100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3 Facebook Page – Facebook pages with tons of Mega Man fans, sharing ideas and thoughts.

Capcom-Unity Devroom – Makes sure to join up as a Servbot here, and check up on all the latest topics by fans.

Protodude’s Rockman Corner – Excellent Mega Man news site #1.

The Mega Man Network – Excellent Mega Man news site #2.

Legends-Station – A site that’s chock full of Legends information. Visit the Message Boards to talk about Legends and see what the latest campaigns are.

I also highly suggest following One_More_DASH on Twitter, if you have an account.

To all the above and more, thanks so much for working so hard to keep Legends 3 alive. I’ll be doing my best to help out where possible.

-Press Start, Servbot #303



I Guess…

July 19, 2011

Mega Man Legends 3 is no more. Mega Man and Capcom, may be no more.

However, Mega Man is not dead to me. I have seen tons of fan projects that have kept the spirit and essence of Mega Man alive. I think it’s best to stick with those efforts, those made by the fans and for the fans, if we want to see more Mega Man in the future. Thanks to everyone for their support; I’m terribly sorry this happened.

Bonne Force Rules

July 4, 2011

Bonne Force

It’s true and you know it.

So here we are in July with no word on a new release date for Prototype Version. I have to say I’m a little torn, because while I desperately want to know when we can expect it, it does seem that the staff is hard at work.

The Devroom continues to post weekday updates without missing a beat, with the release of a screen shot and Roll’s concept art to help offer proof of their continued dedication and hard work.

The Mega Man Network has recently changed their site’s look, and have a nifty banner at the top that’s great for forum signatures. They have also suggested 3DS owners to use 3DStxt.com, to help spread the message via StreetPass and online 3DS status messages.

I don’t think there’s any cause for real alarm here, so as long as everyone keeps promoting and chatting about Legends 3 as they have been, hopefully we’ll hear about some dates soon enough.

Bright Bats Mascot Showcase

June 27, 2011

The latest Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom event has just ended, and boy were there a lot of entries! While it’s great that so many people tried their hand at creating a Bright Bats mascot, the fact is, there’s way too many topics for any human to go look at them all (Over 200 of them!). So, to offer one more alternative, I’ve decided to compile entry links using 50 X 50 pixel thumbnails. Hit the jump to see the gallery!

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Thank You!

June 24, 2011


Thanks so much everyone for your support and help! The Mega Man Network just announced their results for the Legends 3 Campaign Contest, showing off everyone who entered’s hard work. I feel very proud to have gotten first place, and want to mention everyone who helped make that possible.

First and foremost, thanks to The Mega Man Network‘s staff, and all the contest contributors, for putting the contest together. They came up with some really awesome prizes, and in turn sparked all of the entrants to start up their campaigns. They’re a great news site for everything Mega Man anyways, but they really went out of their way this time to help ensure the success of Capcom’s game.

Also, a big thanks to Protodude’s Rockman Corner, for linking “Punt or Pet” in the first place. Seeing all the people who followed his link made me realize how important of a source for Mega Man news he has become. Needless to say, that helped me out a lot, so thanks a ton!

For game playing, testing, and just being a great resource for Legends information and discussion, I have to thank Legends-Station. They even put Punt or Pet on their Sky Pirates Arcade section!

And of course, a big thanks to Capcom-Unity’s Devroom, to both the members and Greg (AKA GregaMan). I had joined awhile back, but really started getting into it with this contest, and now feel like a full time member.

And finally, big big thanks to all my family and friends. MugenMidget, Nightwing, DinnerSonic, Shadoku, Phuii, Fupoo, CutmanMike, and more helped out with programming, playing, hosting, etc. I never could have finished the games without them!

I for sure plan on continuing promoting Legends 3, especially if I can find some new and exciting ways to do so. Until then, keep an eye on both this site and this one, for future Mega Man fan updates!


June 16, 2011

House DogJust updated “Proto-Mission” and “The Rocket”. There’s some bug fixes, some improvements, etc. To try out these new and improved versions, simply go to the Play Games! page.

Also want to thank Legends Station for being supportive with comments, advice, and more throughout making these games. They’re for sure the number 1 Legends fansite! Big thanks to Greg from Capcom-Unity too. He’s the excellent connection between game communities and game developers that I wish that more companies had!

Launch “The Rocket”

June 15, 2011

The Rocket

New game today! New page for all three games too!

Thanks to everyone for their support. Any and all comments are always welcome!


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